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Child, teen and family therapy in Houston, TX. Joan's specializations include: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, LGBT Issues, Abuse Issues, Adjustment Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, School Trouble, Learning Disabilities, Trauma, Behavioral Problems, and Self-Mutilation. 

Therapy Overview

Joan Lipuscek is a bilingual (English & Spanish) child, teen and family counselor in Houston, TX.  She has experience helping children and teens manage and overcome issues such as: ADD/ADHD, anxiety, LGBT issues, abuse issues, adjustment issues, depression, eating disorders, school trouble, learning disabilities, trauma, behavioral problems, and self-mutilation.

Child & Teen Counseling


Each family comes to therapy with a unique set of issues that they would like to work on. My specialties include counseling children, adolescents, and teenagers with ADD/ADHD, behavioral issues, anxiety, school trouble, learning disabilities, adjustment problems, depression, LGBT issues, grief and loss, eating disorders, self-mutilation, abuse issues and trauma. 

Counseling Services Houston


Feeling nurtured and supported by the therapist is critical during therapy. I create a safe space where children and families can identify events, issues and behavioral patterns they would like to change.

Therapy Services Houston


I use a Collaborative Approach to therapy that helps children and families achieve lasting results by encouraging a positive dialog. Our therapeutic conversation will enable family members to engage with each other in a healthier manner. We will work together to co-create lasting solutions.

Houston Family Therapist


As your therapist I will discuss your progress at the beginning of each session. As I take into account your hopes and goals for the future, we will consider the length of psychotherapy.  We can measure progress and the effectiveness of therapy by assessing what is working for your family and if there is any need to alter the therapeutic dialog.

Houston Child Counselor


My aim is to help your family achieve lasting positive results as quickly as possible. Family members that I work with should see improvement in resolving conflicts, identifying and understanding feelings, receiving and providing emotional support and developing healthy solutions to future challenges. My goal is to help your family discover the tools to create a path towards a happy and healthy future.